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Innovative creative technology platform

AdSpeq's technology helps you discover what content and advertisements engage your audience the best. Through our leading edge technology, you can find out key insights to better understand your users and your target audience, all in real-time, with real users.

Proprietary real-time adverstiving technology


Using our real-time bidding platform, soft-launching has never been easier. Target users who have an affinity towards your content. Measure their results in real-time. And decide what content you should be deploying your capital into

Creative testing

Leveraging our real-time bidding technology, understand what content delivers you the highest quality and most cost efficient users. We test your content on real users to deliver the most incremental outcomes.


Great content does not happen by chance

Understand your core users

Through our real-time bidding technology, you'll be able to gain valuable insights as to what content drives the strongest engagement, monetization, and user retention rate. Give us all the content you have developed and we'll test it all for you, against real users, and tell you what creatives and content are the best to invest in.

10+ years of advertising and creative


Develop high quality content

Leverage our global army of engineers, designers, and content specialists to develop content that fits your needs and your campaign objectives.


Programmatically test your content

Take your already developed content, or AdSpeq developed content and test against real users on our real-time bidding platform to understand what content engages your audience the best


Increase your engagement

Discover what content drives the highest conversion rate. Gain valuable insights on what content delivers the most cost effective campaigns. Leverage these insights to be more efficient in your broader reaching campaigns.

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